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About Beanie Hazelton


Beanie is a devoted mother and “first fan” of two sons, who played youth baseball on Maryland fields and around the country.  Over the years of sitting on the bleachers, especially during long duration games, she chronicled dozens of memorable expressions from parents, coaches, umps, and players.  They have been preserved on the pages of her whimsical picture book I Love To Watch You Play


A part-time teacher, writer, and passionate traveler, Beanie says that every time she returns from an overseas trip and catches a glimpse of a community baseball field from her airplane seat, she gets a warm feeling inside. “It’s so exquisitely American and tells me I’m home.”  


“Baseball is an endeavor that makes adults out of kids and then back again,” she asserts. “And perhaps that’s the secret to lifelong happiness.” 



Beanie currently lives in National Harbor, Maryland with her high school sweetheart of 42 years and approximately 60 feet 6 inches from each of her three accomplished adult children. 


TriMark Publisher Press Release:

Beanie Hazelton’s I Love To Watch You Play Displays A Parent’s Journey Through Youth Baseball

When you’re a parent, you often hear about how fast it goes. You’re told to appreciate it and hold tight to every moment. Beanie Hazelton listened to that advice and went one step further. She collaborated with illustrator Tara J. Hannon and created a book that is truly an ode to her sons and the joy she’s experienced watching them play youth baseball.  


I Love to Watch You Play is a collection of beautifully illustrated memories that every parent can relate to. It details the camaraderie you build with the other parents, the pride you feel for your children’s accomplishments and the heartbreak you tend to after a tough loss. 


Hazelton took her experiences — those that involved rain and the heat in the middle of summer — and created something that showcases the pride, fear, joy, and nerves every parent feels when they’re sitting on those bleachers. I Love to Watch You Play is the perfect way to show your children what this journey has meant to you.  

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